Vanishing point

… an autobiographical concert…

November 2016. Lute player Sofie Vanden Eynde is afraid that her heart is going to give out. Her doctor spells out the diagnosis in capital letters: burnout. She’s a burnt-out building. Even the music is like a rope around her neck. Its as if her strings are sticky with adrenaline, playing is killing her. So she stops – for nearly a year.

Today she’s taking stock. Her strings speak differently now: the silence between the notes has taken on new meaning. The idea of losing herself in time no longer frightens her. Sofie has distilled her experiences with burnout into a new recital – Vanishing Point – that explo- res the spaces between noise and clarity, confusion and stillness, discord and harmony. The recital presents music by John Dowland, Francesco da Milano, de Visée, de Narvaéz, and new work by Vladimir Gorlinsky. In a new composition, the author Annemarie Peeters explores ways to put into words Sophie’s journey to the breaking-point and back. This is a unique concert performance shining light on a situation that many today will recognise: what happens when the regular beat of life falters?

a production by IMAGO MUNDI
Sofie Vanden Eynde, lute, theorbo
with a text by Annemarie Peeters, the voice of Katelijne Daemen and the technical ingenuity of Jo Thielemans

in coproduction with BOZAR
with the support of the Flemish government